Belfast, County Antrim



Shiro has taken European cooking styles and blended them with inspiration and flavours from Southern Asia.


With a daily offering of bar snacks, small plates, fresh sushi and mains, we aim to create a relaxed, shared dining environment whether it be to compliment your Shiro cocktail or for a more replete experience.


At Shiro, we want to excite our guests, so we’ve prepared a list of drinks that encompass the familiar, as well as the obscure. From our hand cut ice, to the hours spent preparing our in-house cordials and syrups, our approach will always be to provide a fresh, interesting and enjoyable experience. We believe firmly that with mixed drinks, the outcome is only as good as the ingredients, so you won’t find any shortcuts here.


If anything appears strange or startling, rest assured, our drinks are tried, tested, and full of flavour, so before ordering your usual drink, be adventurous, and try something a little different.


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