Dublin, County Dublin


asador; masculine, noun: grill, roaster, spit


The idea behind ASADOR is simple, take the best meats our fields have to offer, the freshest seafood our seas can provide, and cook this great produce over our bespoke 7 foot ‘ASADOR’.


Paying heed to seasonality and sustainability, our chefs source only the finest ingredients and cook them over fires of oak, apple and lump wood charcoal.


We purchase our meats from local artisan farmers who age and hang to our strict specifications.


Theatre is our signature. Witness our chefs work the ASADOR as the smoke and flames embrace your meal. The real skill comes with a gentle hand over a roaring fire.


Unwind over a cocktail, cold beer or glass of wine with your guests at our bar and enjoy the performance from the kitchen.


ASADOR – A celebration of food and fire


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